This is also the best way to avoid case back damaging

How to Take Care of Your Watch? The crown The crown of the watch that is sometimes screw-in, is used for adjusting the hours, minutes and date. swiss replica watches Take off the watch before you turn the crown.

It is advisable to avoid turning the crown while wearing the timepiece as it may cause the winding stem twisting and damage the movement. Winding A hand-wound (manual-wind) mechanical watch must always be taken off before winding. The watch's owner should be attentive not to over-wind it, thus breaking the spring. Stop winding, when you feel resistance as it implies that the spring is at maximum tension. As for an automatic (self-winding) mechanical watch, it is automatically wound when the wearer moves his wrist. fake Audemars Piguet watches When the watch's owner has not worn the timepiece for over 35 hours, he should wind it by hand. It is highly advisable to wind an automatic watch by hand once a month.

Time and Date Setting To set the time, first of all, it is necessary to unscrew the crown, pulling it as far as Wholesale Screw Barrel For Injection Molding Machine it goes. Then the hands should be turned to the right time. The last step is to push the crown down and screw. To change the date, the same precautions should be taken as while setting the time. The first way is to move the hands as though you are setting the time. If you need to change the date faster, the crown should be pulled to the first notch. Then turn the crown to the necessary date. Breitling Navitimer replica Dates of most timepieces move only forward. If you accidentally pass the right date, turn forward until the necessary date appears again. It is better to stop one day before the right date and then adjust it carefully by moving the hands. When you change the date, it engages a few wheels in the movement. Avoid rapid date change in the period between 10pm - 2am - this is the time when the date-change mechanism functions. Replacing the battery It is advisable to replace a battery once in 18 - 24 months(a long-life battery is an exception). Cartier Roadster replica If a quartz watch has stopped, its battery should be taken out as it may 'leak' and damage the movement. If you take the timepiece to a watch professional, he will replace the battery using special tools. He will check the watch's water-resistance and will replace gaskets if necessary.

This is also the best way to avoid case back damaging. Practicing Sports If the watch is provided with the manual, make sure to find proper recommendations about sporting activities. Chopard Mille Miglia replica In general, it is better to take of a mechanical timepiece while practicing such sports as golf or tennis that involve sudden or strong movements. Quartz watches are more suitable for sports activities.

The quartz module is more robust. As for leather bands, they are not suitable to wear when you are practicing sports. It is better to wear watches that go on rubber, metal or acrylic bracelets. A watch requires cleaning after any sports activity. It may be cleaned with a soft brush. Some soap may be used for cleaning a metal bracelet. Hublot big bang replica Then is should be rinsed with water. A leather strap may be wiped gently with a dry cloth. Those who practice water sports, should check recommendations on the timepiece's water-resistance.